Who We Are

C3 is a knowledge transfer initiative that convenes global leaders in the fields of business, health care, and social entrepreneurship, in order to exchange experiences and discuss innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

Our Vision

We harness the power of collaboration between global communities to drive innovation in all fields.

We believe in the limitless potential of customizing “best practices” to local or regional needs and settings.  

What We Do

Our domains are boundless.

C3 is currently active in the fields of business, health care, social entrepreneurship, energy, security, among others.

We are always ready to tackle any global or regional challenges by tapping on the best and the brightest minds in the field.

Sample issues we have tackled in past summits include:

  • Youth and migration in the Arab World
  • Digital transformation of the Middle East
  • Harnessing Economic opportunity in MENA
  • Public-private partnerships in healthcare in MENA
  • Pharmaceutical industry in MENA
  • Fostering Healthy lifestyles and other public health challenges in MENA
  • The future of renewable energy in MENA
  • Intellectual property rights and protection in MENA

Where We Are Involved

Our conferences have brought together entrepreneurs and experts from the United States, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, and other countries.

While in recent years C3 has focused on building bridges between the United States and the Middle East, we are open to breaking into and bringing together communities and markets anywhere in the world.